618 Hospitality has an established investment fund to assist restaurants and bars who are lacking profitability, considered in distress or simply plateauing. We also offer a full array of consulting services, very similar to Nick Liberato’s featured roles on Bravo’s Bar Rescue and Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge.

Generally, we take over the management reins and take the right steps to bring your business back into good shape. For instance, we can meet with your lenders and suppliers and negotiate loan covenant waivers and/or debt restructuring plans. This way, you won’t lose your assets and you can repay your debts without destroying your budget and potentially losing your business. We will also evaluate your current practices to determine where and how you can reduce your overall expenditure and improve your cash flow. Staff’s performance will be analyzed and termination considered for those that don’t bring much to the table, so you can reduce your employee expenses. We can also sell assets that your business can do without, stop producing items and services that are not really making money, and outsource non-core roles and tasks to reduce costs. Together the backgrounds of Nick Liberato and Mike Dalewitz leading these initiatives will create new profitability, ROI and ultimately help restructure your business and current state of the hospitality industry.