Chef Nicky

Cutting his teeth on culinary shows Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters” and Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue,” world-renowned experienced restaurateur, business mastermind and chef to the stars with over 28 years culinary experience, Nick Liberato takes on his next worldwide adventure as an expert on Netflix’s “Restaurants on the Edge,” (February 28th) when the 6-episode premiere season takes viewers to some of the world’s most spectacular locations: Malta, Hong Kong, Tobermory, Costa Rica, Austria, and St. Lucia on the edge – mountainsides, water, white beaches, and despite their outstanding views, need a push to live up to their magnificent views. In steps executive producer and co-creator Nick Liberato with his restaurant business expertise, alongside Chef Dennis The Prescott, and award-winning interior designer Karin Bohn, to breathe some life and take a bite out of these businesses to put them back on top and live up to their potential.
“Restaurants on the Edge’ is a premium lifestyle docuseries that invites viewers into some of the world’s most stunning locations, with the team of experts, Restaurateur Nick Liberato, Chef Dennis The Prescott, and Interior Designer Karin Bohn as they not only transform the restaurants, but the owners’ outlooks as well. To do this, the close-knit, light-hearted team tap into the soul of the restaurant’s surroundings and communities, incorporating local tastes, flavors, and textures – remodeling in a way that is uplifting and sets the reinvigorated business and owners up for future success.
Rising from humble culinary beginnings, to working at local food stands in South Philadelphia growing up with his family in the Italian Market, by age 11, Nick discovered his second love – surfing and snowboarding. Combining the two passions, Nick followed his love and while working at a local surf shop on the west coast, started his own catering company – Calidelphia – that led to him preparing meals for top celebrities including Will Smith, Tom Hanks, The Beastie Boys, Barbara Streisand, Anthony Kiedis, Cher, Hank Azaria, and more. It was through a connection with Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur, David Myers, that Nick learned he needed to truly dive into every aspect of the business in front and in back of house to become a true restaurateur himself, and that’s just what Nick did.
In just a few years, Nick’s catering business began to thrive and he acquired the long-time Venice fixture, the Venice Whaler. Struggling to move forward prior to Nick stepping in, he took the business at the Venice Whaler from a mere $300,000 in yearly sales to a whopping $4 Million in sales. Leading the charge as Executive Chef, Nick made a similar move with The Pier House, and continues to acquire, consult, and invigorate other businesses throughout Los Angeles and internationally with his expertise.
Nick, along with his business partner and expert Mike Dalewitz, have joined forces to form 618 Hospitality Group which provides restaurants with the tools to perform, prosper and profit while navigating the Covid-19 pandemic. 618 Hospitality Group assists restaurants and bars by arming them immediate tools, guidance, and expertise to survive and thrive as the country opens back up.