The Story Behind 618

The authentic story behind 618 Hospitality Group:

Nick Liberato and Mike Dalewitz were introduced just a couple of weeks before COVID-19 by a mutual acquaintance who happens to be a Rabbi.

Nick was in LA at the helm of his Restaurant Group and award winning restaurant, The Venice Whaler, while launching Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge, a show that focuses on helping restaurants in distress and performing consulting, restructuring and turnaround services, in a holistic manner.

Mike was in the Philly area and was seeking to get back to his roots of restaurants and nightlife after a final exit from the legal industry where he built and sold 3 multi-million dollar companies in the last 3 years. He has been in the middle of launching his alter ego, The Mindful Mentor, to providing coaching, mentoring and speaking services to young entrepreneurs.

A higher power intervened and there was instant connection and excitement to combine backgrounds and create a Hospitality Group focused on launching its own brand of unique “Good Vibe” restaurants with fresh food, great drink programs and a focus on culture and music. The Group will also have a restaurant consulting, restructuring and turnaround division, with an associated investment fund.

The name 618 had many special shared meanings between both Nick and Mike. Both of their daughters were born on June 18, it is Mike’s Anniversary and both of them are huge “Dead Heads” with a love for the show 6/18/74 – Louisville, KY. Even their own birthday combinations have 618 in it.

Nick was from the Philly area, but left for the West Coast shortly after graduating high school to pursue his dreams as a chef. He was able to bring a little bit of Philly to LA, like his famous cheesesteaks and now wanted to come “home” after 20 years to be near his family and bring a bit of Cali to the Philadelphia area.

Days after Mike and Nick decided to launch 618 Hospitality, the coronavirus global pandemic arrived and impacted world health and the economy, especially the restaurant and hospitality industry. Over the past 2 months, Nick and Mike have spent countless hours realizing that the launch of 618 Hospitality Group was needed more than ever to bring the restaurant industry back and help create the “New Roaring 20s”.

Together, both Mike and Nick complement each other with various different skill sets that are essential to grow an amazing new Hospitality Group, even in uncertain times. Both of them are truly authentic, passionate and philanthropic individuals with a deep passion for helping others and have big plans to help restauranteurs in need.