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618 Hospitality was just recently launched in an effort to provide the Restaurant and Nightlife Industry with a new model of success and hope during an uncertain time and lagging economic landscape. Nick Liberato, famed Restauranteur from Netflix’s Restaurant on the Edge and Bar Rescue, along with Mike Dalewitz, aka “the Mindful Mentor”, a successful entrepreneur and business turnaround expert, have combined both of their passions, skills and backgrounds to create a brand new “silver lining playbook” to help restaurants THRIVE not just Survive. 618 will be launching their own restaurants, as well as providing consulting services and capital to qualifying individuals and groups.

“We will get by … We will survive!” ~ The Grateful Dead

Nick liberato

Chef Nicky

Restaurateur Nick Liberato invites viewers into some of the world’s most stunning locations on his premium lifestyle docu-series, “Restaurants on the Edge”. Nick and his team tap into the soul of the restaurant’s surroundings and communities, incorporating local tastes, flavors, and textures – remodeling in a way that is uplifting and sets the reinvigorated business and owners up for future success.

Mike Dalewitz

The Mindful Mentor

Entrepreneur Mike Dalewitz has led multiple organizations from startup to multimillion-dollar growth and launched several fashion and hospitality brands. His leadership and communication style has inspired many young entrepreneurs who look to his expertise in strategic planning, innovation, brand marketing and unique financial modeling.

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Three food and design experts travel the world to revive failing restaurants by connecting them to the local culture beyond their gorgeous views.

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